Friday, October 24, 2008

Meet Buster!

Buster and Tonka
Tonka and Buster
Buster and Arliss relaxing in the sun.
Arliss and Tonka met a new friend and his name is Buster. As you know Arliss and Tonka love dogs named Buster. While Tonka made a great impression, Arliss was very fresh and uncharacteristically aggressive with Buster. He was making this snarling/ growling noise trying to push Buster around. Arliss was given a few timeouts for his bad behavior. Thankfully Buster was a great sport despite Arliss' display of CNC (Canine Napoleon Complex)!
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Malissa said...

In pic 2 it looks like buster was taking a bite of pug tush. Perhaps just the the idea put arliss in a tough guy mood!