Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Arliss loves this fake stick from Mike and Gilda !

Arliss loves to run laps around our apartment with his 'stick' in his mouth. It has two squeeky things inside so when he bites on it just right, it makes this great squeeking noise. If you love the 'stick' it's from Planet Dog in Portland, Maine. My brother and sister-in- law bought it for him at there. Planet Dog is a great store. It's like Bloomingdales for Dogs . They also carry some cat things too, but they mostly cater to dogs. It's a great store, the people who work there are nice and friendly and knowledgeable. By the way . . . When Arliss was 6 months old, I went to Planet Dog to upgrade Arliss' dog bed. I was ready to invest in one of their great dog beds and the sales person told me to wait until Arliss was older because he'd just ruin it. He was SO right. That next week Arliss must have peed on his little 'starter' bed every other night! More on his bed collection later!

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