Tuesday, October 04, 2005

We checked out another fancy pet store today!

I took Arliss to Raining Cats and Dogs in Cambridge today. www.rainingcatsanddogscambridge.com We went to check out their selection of dog food. Arliss has never been a really enthusiastic eater so I thought I'd get some samples of different food for Arliss to try. When we arrived we were greeted on the sidewalk by Ernestine, the Jack Russell who 'runs the place'. Ernestine was tres cute but completely underwhelmed by Arliss and his puppy mojo. Boy does he hate it when dogs or humans don't express major interest in his cuteness. So while the exchange between Ernestine and Arliss was brief , they had a 'moment'. Arliss went to say hello and Ernestine 'smiled' (read : showed Arliss her sharp pearly whites). That was the end of that. Once inside we were greeted by a very friendly store clerk and the owners of the store. They helped me with some food samples and gave me some great advice on how to spice up Arliss' food. They also had a great selection of food bowls and cute collars, leashes and harnesses, dog carrier bags, treats and toys and more. We actually left with more than the food samples. I found a great new harness that is comfortable and cute and a little silver fire hydrant charm to hang on his collar or harness. I have yet to walk out of a doggie store without adding something to his wardrobe. We will definitely go back for some food, once we complete the taste tests. So far Arliss doesn't seem to like any of the samples. Joe thinks that unless a food item costs at least $20 per pound, Arliss won't like it! He's probably right!


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