Wednesday, October 05, 2005

"Supah Pug"

Today when Arliss and I went for a walk he did something new. We were walking down Lake Street and there were a bunch of cars stopped at the traffic light. We walked past a large round planter and Arliss, got up on his two hind legs and leaned against it. He stood there staring at all of the people in their cars for about 1 minute or maybe even a little longer. It was a long time.

People were rolling down their windows saying hi to Arliss. He just stood there and stared at everyone , standing up really straight so that everyone could see him.

One funny man in a Boston Red Sox hat and a thick Boston accent yelled, "Hey, it's 'Supah Pug'". That cracked everyone up!

These photos were taken when we got home from our walk, he wanted to relax on the porch for a few minutes before breakfast!

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