Sunday, August 03, 2008

Allergy Tests, Meatballs and Medicine

Last week was a whirlwind. Moving day was very busy because in the middle of the move we had to bring Tonka to the animal hospital for his tests. He was a very good pug, he didn't bite the vet and the whole procedure went smoothly. The results were disappointing because they didn't give us much information. They did say that he is allergic to some molds, some pollen and sheep's wool. (no more sweaters in the winter). Nothing was off-the-charts or super definitive so we decided to have his blood checked to make sure they didn't miss anything. In ten days we will know the results of that test. The best part about the allergy tests being done, was that we were finally able to give him some relief from the itchiness. He was prescribed a steroid, a prescription for a yeast infection that he has on one of his paws, and some antibiotics. He is a new and improved, itch-free puggy. He is very happy and noticeably more comfortable. Since some if the meds need to be taken with food, he and Arliss are enjoying meatballs, twice daily. They are happy, so we are happy.
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