Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tonka the Very Itchy Pug

Tonka's skin problems have intensified this past month. On August 8th, we are taking him to a veterinary dermatologist for allergy testing.

For fourteen days prior to the tests, we can't give him any Benedryl and we can't use any shampoos, creams or lotions that contain steroids. For the past 8 weeks he's had 2 to 3 Benedryl tablets per day.

To keep him comfortable without his antihistamines, we bathe Tonka every other day with a mild shampoo. This removes environmental allergens that collect on his fur. When these allergens don't get rinsed away, they get trapped in his undercoat and cause him to be itchy and uncomfortable.

Tonka waits patiently while the tub with filled with lukewarm water with a few drops of shampoo. Tonka prefers bubble baths to plain baths.

Tonka has several areas that tender and red. The worst area is at the base of his neck.

Poor Puggy Baby.

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Anonymous said...

Tonka, I hope they find out what is causing you all the itchin'. You are very brave to take baths! At least the bubbles are fun. Get well soon!

Kim said...

Love your blog. What ever happened with the itching? I am taking in a friends 2 pugs that are itching constantly. They just came home with a new baby and don't have the time for the dogs right now, which I totally understand. They have tried the vet shots and meds route many times with only short term results. I am going to try the diet route when they get here tomorrow.
email me with any info