Monday, May 21, 2007

This is Lila

Lila pronounced Lee-lah, visited our office on Friday. I was supposed to bring Arliss in for a playdate with Lila but we couldn't work out the timing. I ended up watching Lila while her Daddy went to a meeting. She was a very good girl, she slept in my office mate's chair while I worked. She is very low maintenance compared to our pugs. By the way, we dropped Arliss off this morning for his surgery. Tonka and Arliss sat in the front seat as we drove to the vet. At one point, Tonka kissed Arliss' ear. I wonder if they knew what was going on. Thanks for the nice thoughts that you have been sending our way, we'll post some pictures of Arliss later today.
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Roy & Gwen's Mom said...

We hope Arliss' surgery goes ok!

pugfreak said...

Good luck Arliss!!!!

Manda Girl said...

Best wishes and thoughts for Arliss today, keep us posted.