Thursday, May 17, 2007

That Face - Yum!

As you may have noticed over the past couple of months, Arliss has a growth on his chin. He is going to have it removed on Monday. I can't wait until this is over with. Arliss will have stitches and one of those Elizabethan collars. Poor Arlie, please think good thoughts for him on Monday.
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LMizzle said...

Do the doctors know what kind of a growth it is?

Poor dude, he'll look as good as new soon though!

Zelda has a wee kind of growth happening on her face under a mole. For now I'm just watching it and cleaning it every day to see if the bump goes away because the same kinda thing happened in her face wrinkle too...

pugfreak said...

Good luck buddy! We'll be sending good thoughts your way!


Lorenza said...

Hi Arliss. I wish you the best. Everything is going to be ok?
Have a nice day!

Winston said...

Nothing but love from the Pugsworth household. Good luck on Monday, my parents are sure everything will be fine.

The Grand Duke

andrea said...

Astro sends good thoughts for a speedy recovery!