Thursday, May 24, 2007

Paper Pugs

My friend Eric made me a pug out of his business card and it was sitting on my desk when I arrived this morning. I only had my Treo with me so the pictures aren't great but you get the idea. Eric can make just about anything out of a business card. He's very talented. In his spare time he's a kick-ass software engineer.

For some more cool origami, checkout the OrigaMIT site.

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Devil's Son said...

cute puppy!!~~~
and creative enough to do it with business


Christine said...

OMG! I must now mangle every business card in my house in order to try and make one!!!!
That is the most awesome origami EVER.

Rickey Henderson said...

Ha! The article says it all!

Gray said...

hey loren-

love the paper pugs!! i've been sending our pug customers to your blog to check out the photos. i hope you are enjoying your charms!!

Loren said...

So I found out that Eric was in the Oragami Club at MIT. So don't feel terrible if you can't recreate this at home!