Friday, May 25, 2007

Hot Pugs In The City

Arliss, Tonka and Buster contemplating a swim. I love Buster's shadow in the pool.
Tonka is sweating, look at the fur above his ears!
Cooling off.
Tonka getting some relief from the heat. Today it was 92 degrees in Boston. Tonka woke up panting so I knew what I had to do. At lunch I drove to get a new pool for the puggies. I also bought them a little yellow boat to float in the pool. Very cute. I doubt they noticed. Anyway, Buster came over to stay with us while his family went to his brother's graduation. The pugs mostly stayed indoors but I took them out to the backyard for two quick dips in the pool. When Buster left tonight, the dogs were still very hot, so I soaked two washcloths in ice water and placed them on their heads. That worked like a charm.
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Kara said...

I do NOT know how anyone lives without air conditioning! Course, here in Texas it is a necessity, but 92 in May - that's hot even for here!

Loren said...

Hi Kara, We've got the AC's installed and ready to go for the next little heat wave!

nickee said...

they look soo japanese with the towel
bow wow, did they swam?