Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Partners in Crime

Tonka has been with us for almost ten days and things are going very well. Tonka and Arliss are very cute together. Tonka is in constant motion. He is always moving and carrying something around in his mouth. He loves to drag Arliss' flower bed EVERYWHERE! Onto the couch, onto our bed, down the stairs, up the stairs. He is like the energizer bunny. Tonka likes to eat things that he shouldn't and he is very sneaky about it. Last night I was playing with him and his breath smelled very citrusy and minty. Apparently he pilfered a Vitamin C drop when I wasn't looking. As soon as I figured out what he had done, Tonka ran to find another drop and Arliss followed him and grabbed one for himself. I tried to catch them because they were running with the drops in their mouths. I told them to stay, Arliss was so startled by the volume of my "STAY" that he spit his out onto the floor but Tonka just swallowed his and gave me a big toothy grin!
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pugfreak said...

Oh my god!!!! That is too funny! He's one smart little puggy!

rpm said...

They are so very cute together. I think two pugs do so much better together.