Monday, November 13, 2006

Thirsty Pugs

Because of the rainy weather and the time change, the pugs are getting restless! Arliss hasn't seen any pugs since last week. That is a LONG time for him. He's getting a little depressed. H is sad too! Here is a picture of Arliss and H, taken a couple of weeks ago. They are taking a short rest from chasing each other. Hopefully they will be reunited soon!

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Lani said...

I was saying to John the other day we haven't been down that end of the street in awhile. We've seen Buster a couple of times, but no Arliss. Mr. H's and Arliss's pic made me look at some old pics and I found a couple of cute pictures from when Arliss came over during the summer. Hopefully we'll make it down there soon!