Friday, December 10, 2010

Arliss and Tonka's Favorite Things

Reading about Clara made me want a pug more than ever. Clara: The Early Years - The Story of the Pug Who Ruled my Life

Fuzzy Nation Pug Purse, I have this one but they come in many different styles.

 Vitamin Mineral Mix   from Halo. We add this to their food  and they love it. "A beautiful coat, joyful disposition, vibrant health and strong muscular and skeletal systems depend on good nutrition." The joyful disposition part may be a stretch but we find everything else to be very true.

To keep warm the Fuzzies from TeckelClub are the best. They are also very well designed so the pugs can "do business" without peeing all over the Fuzzie.

Fabulous Pugs is hilarious the author dresses her pug up as various historical figures. Napoleon, Jackie O, etc. Very cute!

Odor Free Bully Sticks from Best Bully Sticks  are great, the name says it all "odor free'. We order a combination of 6" and 12" sticks and they seem to like the variety. They also come dipped in carob for a special treat.

I have this mini pug pillow, and you should have one too!

Now this is on our wish list, we don't own these YET but our friend Mr. H has one. Whenever we see him wearing his horse blanket coat from Canine Styles we are reminded of how warm and cozy it is. They come in great plaid designs.

This book cracks me up. The Juggling Pug. The best line in the book ends with "pooped on the rug."

Puppia Harnesses are super comfortable, so comfy the pugs can even sleep in them. We purchased this one at Agatha and Louise.

Lydia and Pugs makes the most adorable pug things, I especially love her stationery and  her pug aprons are amazing.

Jo from Studio Legohead is an amazing artist.  If $ is no object, why not order a custom embroidered dog portrait? She also has amazing note cards, we love her work!

 AfricanGrey designs and sells adorable paper goods. I love her pug things, shocker! Here is her preppy pug paper doll. I have one of these on my desk, I named him Theo.

Dr. Pitcairn's New Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats is a great resource. We get many of our dog food recipes from this book.

 Seven Stars Farm yogurt. Arliss and Tonka get a spoonful of this yogurt on their food. They love it. They get the plain, they'd probably love the Maple flavor but that is not going to happen.

If you frequently switch collars and harnesses like we do, this is a handy little gadget.  This is especially important if you have an escape artist like Tonka who must always wear his ID tags.

The Kong Zoom Groom is awesome to use in the tub, it removes a ton of hair. I squirt the inside with their dog shampoo and use it on the pugs after they are completely wet. The suds get very thick and foamy and it  does a good job at loosening up their undercoats. 

This is actually for kids, it's a shampoo rinse pitcher, it keeps soapy water out of kid's eyes, and it works great on dogs too!


We must have at least 5 or 6  Kongs  in rotation here at our house.  We usually fill them with peanut butter, but in the summer we put yogurt in them and stick them in the freezer.Our guys like the puppy sized kongs and ones for senior dogs. They are easy to clean, just pop them in the dishwasher.


Prettiest Pug Coffee Table book ever! It's called Living with Pugs, it's very nice to look at and it has terrific information.

Here is a nice pug bank, to start saving for next year's favorite things list!


Mary Jo said...

great list! maggie and zippy are drooling over the thought of a new peanut butter filled kong! curious - why the yogurt? is it good for our pugglies? i didn't know this!!

Loren said...

Plain, natural yogurt with low sugar is OK for dogs. I feed them 7 stars brand because it has acidophilus and bifidus. I started this a few years ago when Arliss had a wart on his face and Tonka had a yeast problem with his ears. Now it's more of a preventative thing. They also love it! They get 1 tablespoon each with food 2x per day. Please note that flavored kinds of yogurt or any yogurt with artificial sweeteners can be very dangerous to dogs.

LegoheadJo said...

Cheers for the new mention. Always appreciated, just like your great photo's are always happily viewed!

If you haven't seen I now have all the items you ordered as both postcards and cards, plus Michael the jumper wearing pug appears!

Hope your well and keeping warm.
x x x x