Monday, August 31, 2009

Tonka's Eye Check-Up

Tonka had his 6 month opthalmology check-up today. For those new to the blog, he had an ulcerated cornea in March that required surgery and two months wearing the e-collar. He actually loved the collar! As usual Tonka needed to be sedated so that Dr.Welch could take a good look at his eye without being bitten by Tonka. He's so naughty at the vet, that he has a big red sticker on his chart to warn everyone to be careful. I decided to take advantage of him being sedated and scheduled his dermatology check-up at the same time so that Dr. Abraham could get a really good look at Tonka without worrying about him losing his cool. So today his eyes, skin and ears were checked, and his nails were trimmed. To sedate him, they give him an injection that takes effect within 15 minutes or so. Then once all of the exams were completed he received another injection to wake him up. The shot that wakes him up usually works pretty fast so he goes from being totally conked out on the exam table to his feet within just a few minutes, but today he woke up slowly and in stages. He sat in my lap for a long time and watched everyone and everything in the lobby before he was ready to stand on his own and walk to the car. By the way his eye looks super, it has healed amazingly well. His skin allergies are under control thanks to allergy shots and lots and lots of baths so it was a great check-up! Tonka has been incredibly sleepy since we got home. Here are some pictures of him that I took at the vet and one from home where he was resting comfortably on the floor of Joe's office.


dw said...

Glad everything went well! He does look kinda konked out, doesn't he!

Dutch the Pug said...

Hi Arliss! We are glad to here your check up went well!