Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Welcome Ben

Ben hanging out in his crate, not ready to come out yet.

Nice and clean and drying off.

Tonka, Ben and Arliss relaxing on the couch.

When I first blogged about Ben, last month, I couldn't say anything about him being a surprise from our friend Gavin to his girlfriend Alison. After 3 long weeks of waiting, Gavin finally picked Ben up on Sunday morning. On his way home from the breeder, Gavin and Ben made a pit stop at our place.

When they arrived, Ben was pretty reluctant to leave his crate, but he eventually made his exit thanks to a couple of squeeky toys. After the pug meet-and-greet, we got work getting him ready to meet Alison. I gave him a good bath and cleaned his ears and face. After his spa services, I tied a blue ribbon around his collar and he and Gavin were on their way.

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