Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Lady from the LadyBug Boutique in Arlington told me to check out the Danbury Mint website.

Words cannot describe the thrill of perusing their 14 pages of all things pug. PJ's, slippers, sheet sets, figurines, plates, purses, sweaters. This stuff is way over the top, even for me.
Take for example, the pug Christmas Tree. Do you remember my post from December about someday having a 100% Pug Themed Christmas Tree that wasn't cheezy?
This little guy would fall into the cheezy variety but I must admit that it has been growing on me, even as I am typing this I feel like I must order this for next year. Somebody please stop me!


Punchbugpug said...

I too love this tree! I mean honestly what pug lover wouldn't????? It sure would simplify decorating an entire tree!

I love the pj's too...I have asked for them as gifts...several times...I guess maybe I should gift to myself! Yes, yes, good idea....

Lani said...

This pug Christmas tree is too cute!