Monday, October 01, 2007

On the mend!

Arliss is getting better and better everyday. Arliss has had some nice visitors stop by. Baby Patrick came by with his mom Louise (Louie and Gatsby had to stay home so Arliss wouldn't get too excited), Penne (the honorary pug) came by with her Mom last night and brought Arliss a big bag of Charlie Bears. Buster saw Arliss this AM and gave him a big lick as if to say "you'll be ok puggy"! It was very cute. Tonka has been a very good boy. He returned from Mr. H's house on Saturday morning and he was very happy to see Arliss. Tonka is so adaptable that I wasn't sure if he was happy to be back home. He definitely makes himself at home at Gregg and Eileen's house. As far as keeping Arliss quiet, it's hard to keep Arliss and Tonka from running around but Tonka seems to know when it's time to settle down and he's been terrific. As I write they are cozy on the back of the couch enjoying the fall breeze. Thanks for all of the sweet comments and get well wishes!
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Winston said...

My parents were terrified when they heard what happened. That is, apparently, my Mommy's nightmare. We are all glad to hear that Arliss is feeling better, and his eye already looks worlds better in the new picture. The Pugsworth Household has, by unanimous consent, passed a motion wishing Arliss a speedy recovery.

The Grand Duke

The Devil Dog said...

Dear Arliss, you stay nice and relaxed and let everyone baby and pamper you. My sister ran into a thorn and needs eye medicine but nothing as bad as what happened to you. My mom was so afraid when she read about it. I am glad it is getting better.


PS the longer you look like you need pampering, the more the humans will give it. Just an FYI.