Sunday, October 21, 2007

OMG! Check out my new pug purse!

Is this hilarious or what? My Mom gave me this bag last night. Her friends bought the bag for her to give me because they knew that I'd flip over it. They were right, I love it. It's so funny and it really looks like a pug! The bag has a little zipper pocket, and nice leather strap.Not a ton of room inside. Credit card, lipgloss, keys, are about all that it will hold but the bag isn't about function it's all about form! I am trying to figure out where and how to use a bag like this ,it's not like I'm 13 years old. If anyone has any advice I am all ears!


The Devil Dog said...

The pet store, pug meet ups, out for a walk to carry the plastic baggies to pick up the poop. It is hilarious. Truly!


pugfreak said...

That is a cool bag!!!

volks79bus said...

I want that bag! Any idea where they got it?