Monday, September 17, 2007

Mr H and Ivan the Pug!

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Winston said...

My parents have a few questions. Where do all these pugs come from? Does your family live nearby and they are all pug people, or is your neighborhood inundated with pug people that are kind enough to bring their little ones over to play. And what is the story of how Tonka came to live with you guys?

The Grand Duke

Loren said...

Dear Grand Duke,

When Arliss was a little pug puppy we took him to the park where he met lots of pug friends. Because pug people are 'birds of a feather' i.e. crazy people, all of the pug parents get along famously.

That is why there is always an extra pug or two at any of our houses on any given day! We are lucky because a tired pug is happy pug and we always have someone to call if we want to make a pug date.

Mr. H. ( H doesn’t stand for anything, just H), Louie, Gatsby, Baby Taz, Benny, Lilly, Buster, Doug The Pug, and Lola and Daisy and Maggie, all live in our town. We are very lucky.

There are 6 pugs that live on our street alone! Buster and Lola live on our street, and Daisy, Maggie , Benny and Lilly live around the corner from us.

Tonka came to live with us in March of 2007 because he needed a new home. His owner worked a lot and didn’t have enough time to spend with Tonka.

Tonka is 2 1/2 years old, just two months younger than Arliss. Tonka snores like crazy. When he snores it sounds like he's saying "TONK", "TONK", "TONK", so Joe really believes that is how he got his name!

Have a great day!

Loren and Arlie and Tonka