Sunday, August 12, 2007

Maggie can hold her own with the big pugs

This weekend we met two pug puppies. One on Saturday named Taz, a 14 week old fawn pug and Maggie a 12 week old fawn pug. Both were so cute. Unfortunately I took a camera to the park that had no battery so I was unable to snap a picture of Taz. He is very, very cute and very brave. He played with all of the big boy pugs today and he was't scared. The day before he was sort of shy and and his ears were folded back but today he was ready for the big boys. This afternoon Paul (Daisy the Pug's Dad) brought his pug puppy Maggie by to meet Arliss and Tonka. The boys were thrilled. At first Maggie was a little shrinking violet, but that changed once they hit the lawn for some running and playing!
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Winston said...

May I inquire as to what the relationship between Maggie and the other pugs is? i.e. is she a new member of the pack that we can expect to see many adorable puggy pictures of?

The Grand Duke

Loren said...

Maggies is a new member of the neighborhood pug pack! She lives two streets away with Daisy her big pug sister!

Loren and ARliss

Lani said...

Maggie is so adorable-looks like she had fun with Arliss and Tonka!