Monday, April 30, 2007

Doug The Pug's Birthday Party

Doug the Pug's family threw him a wonderful party to celebrate his first birthday. Doug wore his fancy collar with stars and streaming ribbons. Doug gave his guests tiny little sweatbands to wear on their legs.Tonka wore an orange one with a soccer ball on it, Doug wore red (his signature color), H wore blue and Arliss wore green. Gatsby wasn't feeling the sweatband trend but Louie wore a red one for a little while until it slid off his skinny little leg! After running around indoors and out, the dogs dined on delicious biscuits from the Polka Dog Bakery in the South End. At the end of the party, each pug received an adorable gift bag with loofa dogs and gourmet cookies in the shape of ice cream cones!
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pugfreak said...

Sounds like a great party!! You guys are lucky pugs!