Monday, January 22, 2007

Everytime we change the sheets, he puts on the same show for us.

ACT ONE: This act opens in our bedroom. Upon seeing and sometimes just hearing us strip the bed, Arliss runs to our bedroom. He leaps onto the bed via his doggie stairs to "help" remove the sheets. His help involves lots of leaping, darting and biting of sheet corners and pillows. He eventually slides off the bed with the sheets and the pillows and lands on the floor on top of the comforter.
ACT TWO: This act begins with Joe trying to catch Arliss who is now back on top of the mattress. Arliss bounces like a kangaroo between every layer of sheets. He sneaks under the fitted sheet and dares me to stretch the final corner of the fitted sheet over him and the mattress. After narrowly escaping he leaps into the air to catch the falling flat sheet before it hits the bed.
ACT THREE: At this point Joe is able to grab Arliss who is beginning to show signs of fatigue. Joe carries Arliss out of the bedroom and into the hallway. Joe works diligently to keep the squirmy pug out of the bedroom so I can finish securing the blanket and the flat sheet. Just as I put the last pillow on the bed, Arliss runs back up onto the bed to torpedo my flawless pillow placement!
Tonight to relax after the show, Arliss helped himself to several licks of Joe's scalp. Fortunately I was able to grab the camera in time. Check out how he holds Joe's head steady with his front paw!


LMizzle said...

The scalp licking is classic!

Zelda likes a good lick of the inside of my nostrils. I'd say that's gross, but I mean she eats her own poop sometimes, so who am I to judge?!

Christine said...

That is HILARIOUS! Giggs likes to lick his own reflection in our stand-up mirror so I am constantly having to clean it.