Monday, July 31, 2006

Wet Dog

Here are some shots from Saturday afternoon. Arliss went swimming and then took a break to dry off.


Duke & Gidget said...

Looks like a great time Arliss! I know it's been very hot there, glad to see you're finding a way to beat the heat ;-)
Pug Hugs~

Kimy P & G said...

Hello Arliss, My name is Spice, we met last summer at Auntie Kim's Summer Party. I'm going to be visiting Boston for a week starting tonight...I was wondering if you wanted to get together and play. I'm free everyday but Sunday and Monday. What do you say?

Loren said...

Dear Spice,
I remember you, you are bigger than me and you pooped in my yard. Your UncleGrady cleaned up after you, he is very nice.

I can't come play this weekend because Loren is taking me to CT to see Seixas and Farrell this weekend. I can visit with you next week though.

Kimy P & G said...

Sorry about the doogs I left in your yard, it was a sign of the comfort I feel when we are together. Its really great to have a friend where size doesn't matter. How does Tuesday or Wednesday night sound?