Friday, April 14, 2006

Three Ways To Chill with Daisy

Arliss and Daisy have been spending some serious quality time together. Their days together begin at around 7:30 AM and end at about 6:00PM. The day starts with serious chasing that goes on for about 2 hours. There are several short breaks for water but no real resting . They run circles around our apartment. They jump on and off the sofas, the chairs, and the beds. Once they tire of all of the chasing they join me in my office. They sit underneath my desk and wrestle. After a lunchtime walk and an outside play session they are back inside for more of the same. At 3PM something magical happens. They are exhausted, they can't even keep their eyes open. Sometimes they spoon, sometimes they just share the sofa. For Arliss and Daisy it's all about being together and cozy.

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