Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Track Jacket Like Kim's !

I saw this cute warm up jacket and I just had to buy it for Arliss. When I saw it, it reminded me of something our friend Kim would wear. So fast forward to tonight. . . Arliss meets Joe at the door in his super cute new jacket and Joe said, "he looks he's wearing one of Kim's jackets".


Kimy P & G said...

That is absolutely the cutest coat ever! He is the best model too. Arliss, my look alike, I take that as a compliment ; )

Loren said...

We didn't mean to imply that you look alike you are far more beautiful than Arliss however,you share the same taste is sporty clothing!


Loren and Arliss

Lani said...

Arliss, Lola thinks you look very handsome in your new can visit Lola's blog now at spoiled pug. I had foot surgury so our walks aren't as long, but in a few weeks we'll be able to walk down to play!

Loren said...

Hi Lani,
I can't wait to see Lola's blog. Hope your foot feels better soon!

Loren and Arliss