Thursday, February 09, 2006

What's up with the little pug in my bed?

Daisy and Arliss had a play date tonight at 8:30 sharp! What Arliss and Daisy don't know is that Daisy is coming to stay with us for a few days next week when her parents go to California.

Daisy and Arliss have a lot in common. They are pugs, they like greenies and flossies and pig ears and they have the same taste in beds!

Arliss sulked a little at first as you can see. He kept looking at me as if to say, "what's up with the little pug in my bed?".


mypugsblog said...

I love that bed - where did you get it!!

Christian said...

We should bring benny over so we can have a pug extravaganza. HAAHHA It will make for good pictures.

Loren said...

You and Rosy and Benny have to come over next weekend for Daisy and the Arliss' First Birthday! We'll be in touch!


Loren said...

The bed is from
It's under "donut" beds! They are such squishy great beds. You can even wash it in the washing machine!