Friday, January 27, 2006

On the lam !

We are not supposed to have a dog in this apartment. Since June we have not disclosed to our landlord (LL) that Arliss has moved in. We knew the time would come . . . Last week there was a wind storm and a very large tree in our backyard was damaged so our LL has been around getting estimates and talking to the "tree guys". Luckily, Arliss was hidden in Maine during those visits! Anyway,we found out that the tree was coming down today, so my plan was to wake up early and take Arliss on an adventure away from our apartment. My plan was going so well, until LL pulled up while I was walking Arliss to my car. I am almost certain he saw me as I hoisted Arliss into my car, but he didn't even bat an eye! So either he doesn't care that we have a dog, or I am in deep denial about the situation! The funniest part of the morning was a call I got from Grady our friend and neighbor. As Arliss and I made our escape, my cell phone rang and it was Grady calling to say that the eagle had landed, there had been an LL sighting and we should stay away! Grady was afraid that we had just walked around the block and were going to end up face to face with LL who was in our yard! His call was a few minutes too late as we had already been outed, but I love that he called to warn us! So Arliss and I were sort of on the Lam this morning. We didn't go far, just to the park to hang out with Arliss' buddies! By the time we got home LL was gone! Phew, for now!


Michele said...

I am not supposed to have a dog either, I am totally worried about getting caught! Arliss doesn't get too cold in the snow?

Loren said...

So far so good, no calls from the LL! Arliss doesn't get too cold. When he does he usually comes up to me so I'll pick him up and snuggle him a little! When it is really cold, he has a coat that I put on him. It's great, it is lined with polar fleece and really warm.