Sunday, January 15, 2006

Benny dropped by yesterday . . .

Joe and I were working in the kitchen yesterday, when Joe heard Arliss getting very excited about something. Joe went to investigate and he found Arliss in a fit of ecstasy jumping and whining trying to get a better look at Benny who was on the other side of our front door. Benny and his "parents" Rosy and Christian were on a walk and they stopped by to see if Arliss was home. Arliss just loves being around Benny. Benny is about a year and half old so he's bigger and stronger and Arliss is pretty much in awe of him. We first met Benny, Rosy and Christian at the Boston Pug Meet-Up. Then about a week later, Arliss and I were walking around our block and we ran into Benny who was playing in his yard. So we are basically neighbors which is so great because Benny and Arliss are really funny together.

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