Thursday, October 27, 2005

Arliss hates Petsmart

We've purchased a yoda costume (too big) and a chicken costume (too small), and a dracula costume (too small). We finally settled on something that looks very cute but we needed a couple of things to pull the costume together so we went to Petsmart. Arliss hated Petsmart. I am not sure why but he wanted to be carried through the store. I am guessing that he doesn't do "chain stores". I can't imagine why he didn't like it there.


The King Lives said...

He hated Petsmart because you embarrassed him with those costumes! Oh the humanity! (or should I say "canisity")

Loren said...

He LOVES being in puggy drag. He just hates hats and costumes that mess with his cute face. I don't blame him!