Monday, October 10, 2005

Arliss had a great time in Maine. It rained all weekend so Arliss and Ivan made brief trips outside to "do their business". Before this weekend Arliss wouldn't go out in the rain without being carried out by me, and plopped on the grass. Now thanks to Ivan, Arliss isn't afraid of the rain. Arliss and Ivan were constantly at eachothers side. They just love hanging out.While we were in Maine, I found a great sweater for Arliss at Fetch in the Old Port. It's navy blue with a preppy green whale. It's so cute and Arliss LOVES it!By the time we got home on Sunday afternoon, Arliss was SO tired, he only wanted to sleep. Joe and Arliss took a nap together during the Jet's Game!

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